МТКТ Innovation

Design in Details – the smallest innovative component can change the appearance of a ready product, its characteristics and qualities. That’s why МТКТ Innovation exhibition pays special attention to details and components that are used in furniture manufacture and interior beautification. Perfection of design is in details that give individuality, completeness and harmony to any product.

Materials and semi-finished products. Going with the times, and sometimes even passing ahead of them, the participants of MTKT Innovation represent ultramodern materials with unique qualities combined with usual materials like wood and veneer of exotic breeds, natural stone, glass, etc. This lets the furniture manufacturers, designers and architects have inexhaustible source of ideas and opportunities, implement the bravest ideas and create future interior even today.

Meeting place for the professionals. Three main components: «Specialists», «Product», «Communication», - determine high effectiveness of MTKT Innovation exhibition both for the visitors and the participants. MTKT Innovation is the meeting place for the leaders of the sector, the decision makers, which makes it able to conclude great and beneficial contracts exactly during the exhibition.

Innovation Premiere is the event, widening the horizons of the usual ideas about furniture components and semi-finished products. This advanced marketing instrument of sales stimulation that proved its effectiveness within several years. Innovation Premiere presents innovative materials and technologies to furniture manufacturers, designers and architects. In 2013 the leading international and Ukrainian companies presented a great number of innovative solutions for furniture creation and interior beautification. Today, these innovative solutions are actively used by the furniture market operators.

Furn`equip – equipment for furniture manufacture. The leading and effective format of the fair where the visitors’ (decision makers) attention is focused on the product and the methods of its integration to the process of furniture manufacture. This makes a great interest to the technologies of furniture manufacture and equipment.

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Уважаемые мебельщики!

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Международная выставка мебельных компонентов SICAM совместно с ООО «Киевский Международный Контрактовый Ярмарок»и Украинской Ассоциацией Мебельщиков приглашает принять участие в БАЙЕРСКОЙ программе.

Main event of Ukraine’s furniture industry to start tomorrow

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From the 9th till the 12th of March, Kiev International Furniture Forum KIFF 2016 and the MTKT Innovation 2016 exhibition, the most awaited events of the furniture industry of Ukraine, will be held in the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center!

Touch Of Nature від Ескада-М

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Світ змінюється, а поруч із ним змінюється бачення світу. Європейські тренди відходять від «масової культури», акцентуючи увагу на екологічність та індивідуальність меблевих рішень.